Taiyaki NYC – Fish shaped ice cream cone

Taiyaki ice cream video

Taiyaki ice cream is really interesting because they serve ice cream on top of a fish!  Not the one that lives in the sea, but a fish that is a type of cookie.  These fish shaped pastries are called Taiyaki



Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake that traditionally has red bean filling inside.  This is a sweet treat normally found in Japan.




We went to Taiyaki NYC where they sell Taiyaki filled with custard or red bean paste and then, they put ice cream on top of the filling.  This shop merged two different snacks into one trendy treat!


They have many flavors to choose from.  You can have a choice of 6 different ice cream flavors: vanilla, strawberry, matcha, chocolate, vanilla-strawberry, and matcha-sesame. Next, you choose either custard or red bean filling for the cone.  Then, pick the drizzle you want: chocolate, caramel, condensed milk, or strawberry.  Finally, you can have two toppings but more than that would cost you extra.  Topping choices include: chocolate sprinkles, cotton-candy sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate powder, crushed oreos, strawberry, waffle chip, wafer and mochi.

We decided on one of the set options that was listed called Straight Outta Japan.  It was a match sesame swirl, with red bean filling, and mochi and wafer topping.  It was very pretty.


They even have a short movie that shows you how the Taiyaki fish are made in the store.

Last Licks

This sweet treat is like eating two dessert treats.  The Taiyaki ice cream is not very rich.  I like the flavors offered but the ice cream was light on taste.  The mochi stuck into our teeth.  The wafer stick is delicious and the Taiyaki was also good.



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