Cotton candy ice cream

Ruimilk is a place where you can go to get two things many people love:  ice cream and cotton candy all in one package!  At Ruimilk, you don’t just get a boring scoop of ice cream in a cup, they jazzed it up with cotton candy!  The cotton candy is put on top of the ice cream.  They also can make really cute creations such as a Minion, Baymax from Big Hero 6, and other adorable characters with the cotton candy.  They also have smoothies, and drinks that light up!  It is a really cute place, but the store is small.


Ice cream flavors

Some of the ice cream flavors available include: Matcha, Hawaiian (which is pineapple flavor), Coco Tiramisu, Honeycomb, Mango Macaroon, and Oreo.  All these ice cream flavors can be made into a sundae if you didn’t want the cotton candy on top.

Cotton candy designs

They make cute characters using different designs which you have a choice of: Panda, Miss Kitty, Minion, Baymax,  Hot Air Balloon, Tutu Hoop (like a ballerina), Yellow Chick.


It was a lot of fun eating this ice cream treat.  The ice cream was very smooth and tasty.  The best part was the reveal when all the cotton candy was finished.  Sadly,  you need to eat the cotton candy first to get to the ice cream in the cup but it’s so much fun.



Unfortunately, a recent visit to this place showed that the location is now CLOSED.

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