Rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream is ice cream that is shaped by “rolling” the ice cream.

Rolled ice cream video

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We found rolled ice cream at the 10Below ice cream store.  This is not a traditional ice cream store where they scoop rounds of ice cream into a bowl or cone.  They make their ice cream right in front of you and roll it into shaped tubes and then they put on toppings you choose.  It is done by pouring some cream onto a frozen pan.  Next, they mix in other ingredients such as oreos, or strawberries depending on the flavor of ice cream you selected.


Finally, they spread out the mixed cream onto the frozen pan and roll it into tubes of ice cream. Rolled ice cream is ice cream that is shaped by “rolling” the ice cream.

Rolled IceCream

These “rolls” of ice cream are placed into the cups and you choose your own toppings.  Some of the topping choices include banana, blueberries, blackberries, coconut flakes, graham crackers, oreos, marshmallow, Nilla wafers, chocolate, whipped cream, condense milk, caramel, honey, pretzels, granola, fruity pebbles and rainbow sprinkles.  You can choose as many toppings as can fit into the cup!


There are many different flavors of ice cream that 10Below offers with quirky names such as, get avo-control, monkey business, thai fo’dat.   Get avo-control is made with avocado and himalayan salt.  Monkey business has bananas and nutella in it.  Thai fo’dat contains Thai tea and condensed milk.  They even had a special of the day called Honey Boo-Boo- an ice cream made with honey and blueberries!


Even though each ice cream costs $7, it is worth the trip and the money.  You can find them in three different locations in Manhattan.

Last licks

The ice cream at 10Below is good.  The texture is smooth and creamy.  You have a choice of toppings that seems unlimited but when we were there, sadly,  they ran out of some of the toppings.

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