Year of the Dog Chinese New Year craft

This cute doggie ornament will bring Happy New Year wishes to you.  Make this hanging ornament for Chinese New Year.   You can also watch the video posted for more instructions.   This size of the dog will depend on the size of your paper.  A larger paper will make a larger dog.  All steps are still the same whether the paper is large or small.

Supplies you will need:

A glue stick, pencil, marker, scissors, ruler, string, Chinese New Year “banner” (1/2″x3″), and 1 construction paper



Dog’s body

Fold the construction paper into thirds.  Cut off a third off to use for the dog’s body.

Find the middle points

  1. Fold the strip in half
  2. Pinch the paper horizontally and vertically to mark the middle.  Do not crease the paper, just a pinch to find the center of the fold.
  3. Using a pencil, poke a small hole into the center of pinched half folds.
  1. Fold the other long half in half to created two squares, then fold the end square in half again.  You should get two quarter and a square folds.  Mark the center point of the square by lining up a ruler against the fold and the hole already made on the pinched half.
  2. Poke another small hole through this center mark.

Work on dog’s paws

  1. Cut off the quarter end strip and save it for later.
  2. Cut out two curves on the remaining quarter end for the paws.
  3. Draw in dog’s paws.

 Form the body

  1. Bend the strip of paper to form the dog’s body, mark off points at the end of the curved corners on the body.
  2. Draw a line from the points marked to the corner of the square fold.  Cut along the lines drawn.  Save the strips of paper.
  3. Bend paper around to front again and glue “paws” to the thin end.

 Dog’s tail

  1. Using a strip cut out from the body,  Cut off a triangular end. Curl the end using a ruler.
  2. Attach this piece to the bottom of the body making sure not to cover the center hole.

Dog’s head

  1. With the other strip of paper cut from the body, fold the thin end piece one-third over.  Cut off the part that is sticking out.
  2. Next cut from the middle of the folded piece to the corner to form the ears.
  3. Separate the ears and cut the tips to round out the ears.
  1. Using the remaining paper, cut out a quarter strip for the head.
  2. Fold in half to cut out 2 oval shaped circles.
  1. You should have two triangular pieces for ears and two circular pieces for the face.
  2. Draw in the dog’s face.
  3. Glue the ears to the back of the face and the nose in front of the eyes.
  1. With the reserved strip of quarter end piece, fold into a triangle.
  2. Fold the top portion of the triangle together to form an neck attachment for the face to the body.

Putting it altogether

  1. Glue the neck attachment piece to the body, be careful not to cover the small hole made.
  2. Glue the dog’s face to the attachment piece.
  3. The dog ornament is complete.

Attaching a greeting

  1. Make up a red banner piece with New Year’s greetings written on a 1/2″ x 3″ slip of paper.  Poke a hole to the top of the banner and slip a string through and secure.
  2. Poke the end of the string through the hole on the bottom of the body.
  3. Next, poke the same end of the string through the hole on the underside of the top of the body.
  4. Pull string through.  You can make this string to your desired length depending on how long you want the dog to hang.

Your Chinese New Year Dog ornament is complete and ready for hanging.


Chinese New Year Dog hanging ornament

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