Christmas Tree craft with pony beads

This Christmas tree is very pretty and colorful and easy to make.  It’s a great addition to your Holiday decorations.  The kids will have great fun putting on the beads to the tree.


green construction or cardstock paper for the tree, 1 8.5×11″ white or yellow paper for the star, glue stick, glue dots, scissors, pony beads


Make the tree

Begin with a square piece of paper. step1

Fold paper into half diagonally forming a triangle, unfold, and repeat on other side to form an “x”.  Then fold the square in half, unfold, and repeat on another side to form a “+”.


Form a triangle by folding a corning of the square over. Repeat with other side.


Pick up one side and fold over towards line.  Repeat with the other side fold.  Turn the paper over and repeat for both sides again.


Unfold square.


Begin alternating folds.  Fold out all corners and vertical folds, alternating by folding the other folds inwards.


Flatten out your paper by evening out the number of folds on each side.  Cut along the dotted line.  Make sure that the cut is away from the inward point so that the tree will stand properly.


Glue sides together.  Side aside.



Make the star

Cut out a 1/2″ strip of paper from an 8.5×11″ sheet.  Make a knot with paper forming a pentagon.


Fold the strip of paper around the pentagon, alternating between lining the strip with the right and left sides.


Pinch the sides of the pentagon formed to create points of a star.   Set aside.


Decorate the tree

Add the pony beads to the tree in a random order using glue dots for each bead.   Finally placing a glue dot on the top of the tree, add the star to the top of the tree.




Merry Christmas!


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