Lovely Hainan Island

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Here is the link to view the video!

This song was based on a little thing that people say, just like how people call New York “The City that Never Sleeps”, the people in Asia describe Hainan using this phrase:





What it says is: 

Haven’t been to Beijing; (You) don’t know what is to be an Official.

Haven’t been to Shanghai; (You) don’t know what is to be rich.

Haven’t been to Chongqing; (You) don’t know about early marriages.

Haven’t been to Hainan Island; (You) don’t know how what being healthy is.

What does it mean?

You won’t know what it means to have too many politicians until you’ve been to Beijing.  Beijing is the Capital of China, where you will find many political.

You won’t know what it means to be rich until you’ve been to Shanghai.  Shanghai have people you’ll meet someone who are super-rich!

You won’t know what marrying young means, until you’ve been to Chongqing. In Chongqing, you’ll find people who are married at a very young age.

You won’t know what healthy is, until you’ve been to Hainan.  In Hainan, the people there are very healthy!

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