Pocketed: A Credits Tracker

Android App now available on the Google Play store 

Many people lose their gift cards credits because they forget them, hidden away in some drawer, or they find them and the gift cards are expired. Other gift cards come in the form of eCards and they are difficult to track because of the necessity to log in every time we need to access them.

The Pocketed Credit Tracker will have all your information in one place. It acts as a reminder to let us know we have unused credits with a retail store, or an online account or even prepaid lessons.


Add gift cards using your own system of tracking. For instance, you may have more than one gift card to a store -enter each gift card separately or add the gift card balance to an existing entry.

No need to log on or call a number to check your balance each time you need to use your card, maintain your card balance by entering the amount used each time and the app will keep track your balance based on your updates.

When the balance is zero, just remove the card entry.

All information is maintained by the user and will be 100% accessible solely by the user.


This privacy policy governs your use of the software application Forget-Me-Not Credit Tracker (“Application”) for mobile devices that was created by Sigma_n_apps.  The Application is an app in which you can store your gift card and cash card information only on your device for your personal access.  There are no tracking tools used in the Forget-Me-Not Credit Tracker application and is a completely standalone application controlled solely by the user.

Forget-Me-Not app was generated to store credit information for your quick access.  The app is only for your usage and does not broadcast, transmit any of your information.  There are no tracking tools used and is a completely standalone app.  The security of your information is your phones security system.

What information does the Application obtain and how is it used?

User Provided Information

The Application does not obtains information when you download the Application.

This Application does not collect information automatically.

This Application does not collect information about the location of your mobile device.

This Application does not see and/or have access to information obtained by the Application.

Any photos taken will be stored only on your mobile device.

Any information entered will be stored only on your mobile device.

We take no part of tracking tools.

We take no part of downloading user information.


We are concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your information but note we have no control of the information you store in the Application.  We do not access your information and the security of your information is limited to your phone system. Forget-Me-Not Credit Tracker is solely an application used to store information you provide for quick access only on your device.

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