Garden State 168

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Boy, was I tired. I practice this song for days by myself before I found bandmates to accompany me. When we got together for our first jam after 8 hours of playing, faking, playing, laughing – it still didn’t sound right. We were exhausted, me and the two dads. I felt wiped out as the darkness of the night that descended upon us. I was moving slower, missing beats, and getting neck cramps as the night wore on. We broke at around 1 am. We planned for the next day to finish the session, because this was a music project that was due soon! That night, I heard the song in my dreams. I feel as though that added to my practice. Uncle Joey and Dad were in good spirits. Everything felt good: the music, the mood, and the bandmates were all full of energy. These were the best bandmates a girl can find. They stood with me for 8 hours the night before and another 4 hours the following day -drumming to the same beat, plucking the same strings repeatedly until I was able to play to a level that we felt was passable – with something we can use to entertain. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

Thanks, Dad and Joey.

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