2021 the Musical: Won’t Get Vaxxed!

This is a song I created for my English class on the topic of Parody. Using music from the musical “Hamilton”, the original song is “You’ll Be Back.” Here is my version. Enjoy!

YouTube link- https://youtu.be/BrQAeWsYJmU
They say... It's all a conspiracy just to put chips in my brain.
They cry... In their tweets which you hurl from the toilet seat as I walk by
Now it's all true.
I know 'cause I heard it on Hannity and from the "Q"
It must be so!
When has Marjorie Greene ever lied to you?

Won't get vaxxed
Go to hell!
Off to school board now to rant and yell!
Won't get vaxxed,
Keep your leech!
Gonna cure myself like Don with bleach!

Won't get vaxxed!
I'll just pray!
That should make it just all go away.
So when I'm laid out in bed,
It's not viruses that killed me.
The Almighty simply wants me dead!
Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead...... 

You said it's for the best and will keep us alive!
But you're deceived, and I don't believe your jive!
And I won't listened to Fauci,
He wants me to get an ouchie.
I'd rather sit on the couch-ie.
Read Breitbart 'til I'm grouchy.
And stupid.
And bitter.
And making up science facts sent out on Twitter.

No, there's no
Vax for me.
'Cause I'm smarter than a PhD.
I won't take this assault.
I'm sure somehow it's Obama's fault!
I'll take horse pills now, instead.
I would rather fight than use my head
When you think... all is well.
I will gulp down some Ivermectin spiraling you right down to hell.
Hell, hell, hell, hell, hell....

Dear English Teacher,
I had a few spelling errors in the video. I was running out of time and didn’t have a chance to review the video before I submitted it. The lyrics above have all the correct spellings!
Thanks for watching!

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