Lovely Hainan Island

Here is the link to view the video! This song was based on a little thing that people say, just like how people call New York "The City that Never Sleeps", the people in Asia describe Hainan using this phrase: 不到北京;不知道官小。 不到上海;不知道錢少。 不到重慶;不知道結婚早。 不到海南島;不知道身體不好。 What it says is:  Haven't been to Beijing; (You) don't... Continue Reading →

Privacy Policy – ICEPAC

ICEPAC - In Case of Emergency, Planning Advanced Care Android App now available on the Google Play store  An application to store your In Case of Emergency information and to help you start thinking about Advanced Care Planning. PRIVACY POLICY FOR MOBILE APPLICATION This privacy policy governs your use of the software application ICEPAC (“Application”)... Continue Reading →

Cotton candy ice cream

Ruimilk is a place where you can go to get two things many people love:  ice cream and cotton candy all in one package!  At Ruimilk, you don't just get a boring scoop of ice cream in a cup, they jazzed it up with cotton candy!  The cotton candy is put on top of the... Continue Reading →

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