Garden State 168

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Boy, was I tired. I practice this song for days by myself before I found bandmates to accompany me. When we got together for our first jam after 8 hours of playing, faking, playing, laughing - it still didn't sound right. We were exhausted, me and the two... Continue Reading →

Pocketed: A Credits Tracker

Android App now available on the Google Play store  Many people lose their gift cards credits because they forget them, hidden away in some drawer, or they find them and the gift cards are expired. Other gift cards come in the form of eCards and they are difficult to track because of the necessity to... Continue Reading →

Lovely Hainan Island

  This song was based on a little poem that people say, just like how people call New York "The City that Never Sleeps", the people in Asia describe Hainan using this phrase: 不到北京;不知道官小。 不到上海;不知道錢少。 不到重慶;不知道結婚早。 不到海南島;不知道身體不好。 What it says is:  Haven't been to Beijing; (You) don't know what is to be an Official. Haven't... Continue Reading →

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