Namewee, that Asian rapper dude!

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This page is for everything Namewee!  I started listening to him about a year ago and haven’t stopped since!  Namewee is the stage name for Wee Meng Chee – a Malaysian Chinese hip hop recording artist, composer, filmmaker, and actor.

He doesn’t just sing in Malay,  Namewee also has done songs in Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and more.  Although his native language is Mandarin, his pronunciation in his songs in other languages is spot on!

In his songs, he presents many cultural subtleties that only natives are familiar.  His songs have messages and some satirical or even outright protests.  The music is usually very catchy and many times singers themselves don’t realize that they are singing a Namewee song because he uses many guest artists.

His is a sensation in Asia, a prolific youtube artist and one person who you can learn a lot through his songs.

Namewee – Tokyo Bon -Makudonarudo

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