Cotton candy ice cream

Ruimilk is a place where you can go to get two things many people love:  ice cream and cotton candy all in one package!  At Ruimilk, you don't just get a boring scoop of ice cream in a cup, they jazzed it up with cotton candy!  The cotton candy is put on top of the... Continue Reading →

Rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream is ice cream that is shaped by "rolling" the ice cream. Rolled ice cream video We found rolled ice cream at the 10Below ice cream store.  This is not a traditional ice cream store where they scoop rounds of ice cream into a bowl or cone.  They make their ice cream right... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong waffle cake ice cream

We went to an ice cream store that serves Hong Kong style waffle ice cream.   What is a Hong Kong style waffle you may ask?  Well, it is a honeycomb-shaped egg waffle that is very popular in Hong Kong.  The waffles are made by pouring a unique batter into a special waffle pan.  Then,... Continue Reading →

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